Dell is a multinational computer technology company that develops, sells and supports computers and enterprise solutions, servers, and computing resources. 

As the youngest engineer on Dell’s storage engineering team, I oversaw performance evaluations of Storage Area Networks (SANs) across multiple UNIX variants. A large pool of these resources were used to stress test the systems that Dell sold.

Before the “cloud” existed, I wrote software that managed racks of individual application servers using UNIX variants (i.e. HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, SunOS, Linux, etc.) to tune and optimize Dell’s products in a real-world environment. 


Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is the fourth largest public University in the US located in College Station, TX with a heavy focus on research.

In working with the College of Liberal Arts on a Content Management System (CMS) I recognized inefficiencies within the College. The ineffective work spaces and habits made clear that a college-wide modeling tool was needed to help the Texas A&M enterprise organize its 12 departments, 6 centers, and 5 institutions.

Empowered with autonomy and trust from the brass, I used Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Python to place a quantifiable value on the organizational inefficiencies to create a more effective working environment for the professors, staff and students of the institution.


Advent GX

Advent GX, located in Bryan, TX, is a development platform that supports entrepreneurship and innovation within communities. 

A local business incubator, The Innovation Underground, was founded to help engineers and innovators commercialize their technologies. The Management Team at The Innovation Underground provided assistance in marketing, sales, accounting, and fundraising, to help these engineers move their products into market. Located in Texas A&M territory the incubator served as a conduit for the academic research and technologies that were pouring from the institution and searching for ground in the private sector.

Through working within the Texas A&M system, I partnered with AdventGX and initiated The Innovation Underground by identifying the support these uber-talented PhDs needed and created an environment where they could continue to allow their inventions to flourish.



In 2007, I set out to work independently. It gave me the freedom to travel and establish my own enterprise. During this time, I have had the chance to begin many ventures and explore the world at my own pace.

I have had the privilege to work with companies and organizations such as MIT, the NBA, Discover, TM Advertising and Texas A&M University.

My primary focus is solving uncommon situations with unconventional solutions.