Blockchain Education

The first step into this world is to get a handle on exactly what this technology is doing, how it works, and why it's the future. These sessions will explain the ins and outs of the blockchain and the power it will unleash.


Wallet Security

Creating, managing and securing your wallet is the first and most vital part of operating in the new economy. We're in the wild west stage and you're responsible for your own security. There are a handful of principles that you must take into account when planning your security strategy; equal parts security and obscurity.


Portfolio Help

There are many coins, tokens, project and opportunities available with more on the horizon. It can be difficult to get a clue on exactly which of these digital assets will be around in 6 months. Understanding the technology that powers them, the teams that produce them and the economics that govern them is vital to planning your portfolio.


Bulk Purchases

Converting large amounts of USD to cryptocurrencies can be difficult. Having access to large reserves can aid in moving from fiat to digital.


Seminars & Events

Twice a month, you'll be invited to a limited seating seminar where I cover the different aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. These are done for both novice and advanced users.


Retainer Breakdown

Investment Size Retainer Services

* Must be prepaid 1 year in advance
** Must be prepaid 6 months in advance
Less than $10,000 $100/mo* Weekly Updates, Quarterly Review
$10,000 - $25,000 $250/mo** + Initial Consultation (2hrs)
$25,000 - $100,000 $750/mo + Monthly Consultation (2hrs)
More than $100,000 Contact Me + Custom Services


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